The Internet has evolved the world in a very different way. It is said that the world has become small and information is at our fingertips. Due to the accessibility of the internet, work has become more convenient.

With everything transforming towards digitalization, the business has also been digitized. Now, a business can be easy with just one click. Digital platform gives a very good opportunity for the business owners as well as to the consumers. Unlike the traditional method of marketing, online business has bridged the communication gap between the business owner and the customer.

Mostly, consumer relies on a digital platform for research of a product because it is very convenient. There are many search engines likes, yahoo, Uc browser, etc. but Google is the most dominant search engine amongst all.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the type of marketing where the internet is used to reach out to an enormous number of customers. Digital marketing is called internet marketing. It has made it easy for the business owners as well as consumers. Digital marketing allows a customer to leave feedback on the product he has purchased. Besides this, the brand owner also gets the opportunity to solve the problems faced by the shoppers with ease.

Why choose Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing?

1)      Digital marketing benefits the brand in all aspects. It allows you to reach globally. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is not only confined to your locality.

2)      Digital marketing allows you to advertise your brand globally at a very low cost.

3)      With a proper plan digital marketing helps you reach the target audience.

4)      It becomes very easy to track and measure how effective your campaign has been with a few web analytics and other online metric tools.

5)      You can greet your customers with different offers.

6)      The ad campaign does not end even after leaving the website.  This makes the customer visit your website more.

7)      In the era of social media digital marketing allows you to build customer loyalty and create a good reputation.

8)      Your customer is just a few clicks away from making a purchase.

Mentionable Digital Marketing Trends In The Year 2021

1)   Live Video Sessions- Social media platforms are powered by the live streaming facility which provides us an avenue for continued democratization of contents. There is no requirement of making a script, post-production, or props for making a live video on social media to promote your brand.

2)   Programmatic Advertising- Programmatic advertising is the process of automating where the buying and the selling of an ad inventory in real-time with an automated bidding system.

3)   Voice Search- It is considered that roughly 40 percent of all internet browsing will include voice search by the end of 2021. Voice Search has become the most preferred method for browsing because it is convenient, faster, time-saving, and hands-free.

4)   Interactive and Interesting Content- People get bored easily with the same type of post on the website or page. To increase the engagement rate of your website you must post very interesting and appealing content. This will give more cost per click to your website.

5)   Influencer Marketing- One of the biggest shifts in 2021 will be the rise in micro-influencer. A study has shown that influencer marketing has increased the brand search. 

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