SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the key to success in the world of digital marketing. It is important to know about SEO and the steps required for it. It gives the organic result. Hence your targeted audience will get to know about your USPs. the traffic of your website depends on SEO. After 2020’s 67k google search per 2020 now in 2021, the click per second is rising higher.

Know Your Customer

To know your customer’s requirements, you need to think like them. What if you wanted to buy the product that you sell? What will you type? The words that the buyer types to find out a product is known as the keywords.

You need to add these keywords in the first few lines of your website. When the customer will type the keywords, the search engine will scan and spider crawl all the websites. The website with the most relevant keyword will come up as an SEO result. Thus, the keyword plays a very significant role.

Explain your Unique Selling Points.

Your customers will not be interested if you are an exact copy of some other brands. Stand true to your product. Explain why you are different from others. Your uniqueness will also matter. Selling the same product in some different and unique way will attract more customers. When the traffic of your website increases, you get an SEO rank.

Is your website ready?

  • Your website should work on all UI devices. It should alter its resolution as per the device be it a PC or a mobile. Most of the users use mobile phones to search for a product. 53.3% of web traffic depends on mobile. Almost 40% of buyers do prior research using their phone to buy a product. This is the reason why your website should support mobile phones.
  • While modernization is at its peak, people are busy with the changes in the surrounding. In that case, people do not have time for slow websites. Your website should match the speed of the user so that they can freely use your website.
  • The visual illustration, graphics, and content should be unique and sober. There should be sections for products. A search bar should be there for the customer to find a product in a click. Add details of your product with pictures, add information about your shop. A public review section will help your customer to know the real-life effect of your products. Contact details should also be there on the website.

The traffic on your website depends on all these factors. When the traffic is high you get your rank. With this rank going higher your website becomes a part of the SEO. 91.5% of people click the first page that comes as an organic result.

You have to keep your website updated by using analytic tools. You need to optimize your page and also link building is important. When you share the link or other brands or they share your link the web traffic increases. People find your product to be genuine. With all these steps you can be an SEO result.