SMO or Social Media Optimization also works like SEO. It is used to target audiences by using social media sites. It includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, video sharing websites and blog sites. It also involves bookmarking sites, social news and RSS feeds. It creates awareness of the website by attracting more users to use and share links to others.

Main Ideology of SMO

It revolves around the idea of creating strong content for the website. The eye catchy digital illustrations, graphics and videos attract more users. It makes the process of link sharing simpler. As a result when one finds the content of the website to be interesting they tend to share it with their family and friends. Anyone can easily access these links from social media to visit the website. This engages more traffic.

From 2010 onwards people have shifted to social media for news over Televisions and newspapers. Since then branded companies have started to advertise their products on social media. From giant business to small ones, social media works as an unbelievable source of traffic.

How SEO and SMO are related?

SEO always comes up with organic feed. When people visit any website and they like it they share the link. The more the link is shared the more popular it becomes. When SEO finds any website they scan the number of times the link is shared. Depending on this number the website gets a rank and it gradually comes as an organic result.

Stand Above the Crowd

There are thousands of brands advertising their products on social media. Brands with big financial influences opt for paid advertisement. But still you can have an unpaid promotion of your products or your website by following some simple steps –

  • Create a social media page to upload the photos and descriptions of your products.
  • Add the website link, availability hour, contact details, shop locations and other details.
  • Use hashtags relevant to your products so that your customers can easily find you. Add keywords with the hashtags.
  • Create more and more contacts and friend circles. Ask them to share your posts regularly to help you to reach more audiences. Create groups to solve the queries of the customers and ask them to refer you to others.
  • You can hire social media handlers who can keep your feeds updated. Observing the strategies of the other brands selling similar products serves many purposes.
  • Connect to more people and targeting audiences to be a result of organic feed. Reaching more audiences are important for finding new customers.

Social Media Optimization is something very easy to understand. The entire concept depends on the ideas of how strong your network is.

Your content should be strong but universal. There should not be long write ups or very vibrant arts and decorations. It should be sober but eye catchy. And it should also be interesting yet relevant to the work product.

Helding some contests and engaging the audience with the business is also very effective. Go creative with your products and see SMO work for you!