SEO is a key to success in the world of digital marketing. A perfect beginner’s guide to Search Engine Optimization is here. Following simple steps to reflect your USPs can make you stand above the organic search list. Every search engine considers organic search to find the perfect website for the user. Your website traffic depends on it.

Know How it Works!

Search Engine optimization works to find out organic and unpaid websites. For this it scans and spider crawls every website. Then it matches the user’s query with the website. If the user revisits the website once again then the website gets a rank. According to studies 89% of the people begin the buying process by organic search results. 71% of the buying decision depends on this search.

Think Like a Customer

If you are a customer and you want to buy the product that you sell. What will you type to search? The words that you will type are the keywords. Now you know what your customers will also type to search the similar products. Use analytic tools to find out the most relevant keywords for your product. SEO will match these keywords typed by your users and your website will be visible as your result.

Strategies to Attract More Audience

  • Your audience will stay in your website for a longer period only if it is user-friendly. Here technical knowledge will play a significant role. Your website should have Mobile Accessibility. The layout should adjust automatically for PCs, tablets, android, IOS and windows devices. And it should work faster to avoid losing your customer’s interest.
  • There should be sections for every individual product with photos and small descriptions. The website should not be very bright as it will affect the eyes of the users. The more your traffic, the higher your rank will be for organic search.
  • Add only relevant contents, add an About Us section so that your customer can know about your company. Significant contents will help you to get a citation. Add the availability hours, location details of your shop, a feedback section for customers, a enquiry contact number. All these are important for connecting with your audience.

Now that you know the basics lets know about some more important facts. Your content is ready and your website is having a high traffic. But you need to stay updated and update your website from time to time. To get more influence you can link with other websites. It will develop a greater traffic for your website. Attachment with other brands will create a better influence on your customer.

SEO does not depend on a single factor. It revolves around all these factors to find out the best website. When your business is set only, remember you are competing with bigger brands. And for this your position is SEO matters the most. Your customer’s trust depends on your website’s visibility and accessibility. Hope you got the perfect guide and you are all set for your business. Soon you will be a business magnet and maybe an influencer also!