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Importance of Interlinking


Optimization of your website is important. Interlinking is one of the optimizations which helps you to develop your business. So, do you know what interlinking is? Well, interlinking is the process of creating hyperlinks in your blogs. There are several benefits to it. And so it is important.

Why is it important?

When any user on your website is checking some article of yours. A particular word may have its article. If you add the hyperlink then the user can simply click that word. The website will redirect to that web page related to the current topic. This will help the person to know better and to stay for a longer time at your website.

To understand let’s take an example:

How to download a  movie?

Now you can write an entire article on this topic. After that, you have to add the hyperlink of the words highlighted, “download a movie”. This link will redirect your audience to that page where they can download a movie. It will be helpful for then and hence the website engagement will increase.

Know More About interlinking

  • Bounce Rate– According to recent studies the bounce rate of websites goes as follows. Blog sites – 70-90%, Content site – 40-60%, Service site – 10-30%. So you can understand how hard it is for bloggers to hold the bounce rate.

Interlinking with service sites by creating hyperlinks will help bloggers to hold their audiences. Also, it will help them to create digital bonds.

  • Increased Viewer Rate– If you add the hyperlinks of your articles in your blogs. Then the viewers will be directed to the articles one by one. The webpages count visited per user will increase. This will help you to keep your audience engaged in your website longer.

Also if your old blog posts have minimal views you can use their links in your recent articles. It will increase the number of views of your articles.

  • The rank of Your Website– With the increasing audience and linking with other pages. Your website gets a higher rank on SEO due to your popularity. You know who important it is to get popular with your business. Your entire audience will depend on your popularity and accessibility.

Too Much of Anything is Not Good

Google allows a normal website to add at max 120 links. If you have an authorized website then you can add up to 250 links. That is what google says. But what about your audience? Adding too many hyperlinks is often disturbing for your audience. So, you should add a less number of hyperlinks. Add the most relevant and important links only. Now, that you know about interlinking and its importance. You should add the hyperlinks in your articles to meet the above-mentioned reasons. With time you should optimize your website and the hyperlinks to stay updated. Adding more of your links is important for your website visibility. This is how your website gets a better position and your business grows.


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